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  • Most Remarkable solution for continuouscasting and related manufacturing facilities, Design of optimized facilities,Management, etc

    (Iron & Steel manufacturing facilities,) De-sulfurizing facilities in Kanvara Reactor, EAC, RH Degasser, LF, Continuous Casting Facilities, Casting, Refining Process, Infra Facilities(Crane), Bag House Filter, etc)
  • Production of High purity FeSi, Related manufacturing Facilities andOperating Technologies

    Production of FeMn, SiMn, Related manufacturing Facilities andOperating Technologies

    Thermits reation Technology for FeV and FeMo

    Treating Technology for Moly Oxide and Rare Earth Metals

    Stir Welding, Toll Oxide, etc

  • Driving of Cost Reduction

    (Cost Effective Raw Materials - Steel Scrap, Ferroalloys, Raw materials), Process Improvements, etc)

    EAC Manufacturing facilities for Ferroalloys, offering Cost Reduction

    (Cost Effective Raw Materials, Simplification of Refining process)

Technical Engineer Pool System forValuable Consulting

Professionals for Continuous Casting, Auxiliary facilities, Related Facility Design and Integrated Operating Technologies

Highly Experienced Technical EngineersFor the production of FeSi, SiMn, FeMn in EAF

Professionals having the knowledge gained fromVast experiences for reducing the cost in EAF

Facilities, Manufacturing Process, Raw Materials for cost savingupon the final products and Development of Process