Steel & Iron Material for the Human Technology



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Limited Resources, Unlimited our efforts.It is making our dreams a reality.

  • 2018 Adopted ODM Business. Developed Diversided products with By-Products in the industries.
  • 2017 Organized Recycling Team of By-Products
  • 2016 Entered into RE market
  • 2015 Established Pohang Plant Started Ferro alloys’ power business
  • 2014 Found Free Carbon Ferrosilicon
  • 2011 광물자원공사 희유금속 자원확보 협력업체 등록 Developed SES Sand and localization of EBT sand Awarded the '100 Million Dollar Export Tower'
  • 2008 Registered Ferroalloys’ briquette factory in Incheon
  • 2007 Registered Cokes/Carbon additive factory in Incheon
  • 2006 Founded SIMZONE in Incheon 코크스 및 관련제품 공장등록