Steel & Iron Material for the Human Technology


Calcium Aluminate ( Flux B )

Calcium Aluminate is used as for the flux acting desulphurizer and dephosphorizer in the steel mills Calcium Aluminate can purify liquid steel by preventing steel from reacting with Oxygen and  NitrogenHydrogen. And Calcium aluminate  can extend the refractories’ life time as no fluorine and  environment friendly flux.


Fused Flux B

CaO 50~55%

SiO2 4% max

Al2O3 36~44%

Fe2O3 1.5% max

TiO2 1.5% max

P 0.05% max

S 0.1% max


Size 5~40mm   90% Min


Fused Tundsh Flux

CaO 53~59%

SiO2 3.5% Max

Al2O3 30~38%

Fe2O3 1.5% Max

P 0.05% Max  

S 0.1% Max

Moisture 1.5% max


Size 0~3mm,  90% min


Low Ti Tundish Flux

TiO2  0.1% max

CaO 45~49%

SiO2  1.5~3% max

Al2O3 36~40%

F.Fe+MnO  1% max

P 0.05% max

S 0.03% max

MgO 12~17%


Size 0~3mm,  90% min