Steel & Iron Material for the Human Technology


Olivine Sand

Olivine is a foundry sand used for its thermal properties and also used as a low-silica blasting abrasive due to

high melting point, low heat loss and resistance to thermal shocks.  It is good to use as for EBT sand in EAF, Tundish cover and back wall in the AOD Converter. 


Olivine EBT Sand

MgO 39~43%

SiO2 39~41%

Al2O3 0.5~1%

Fe2O3 7~9%

CaO 0.2~0.5%

LOI  7~12%

Refractory Degree 1,680℃ min

Ph  7.2~7.5

Bulk Density 1.8

Specific gravity 3.10-3.27 g/cm³

Compression Intensity 2.0~3.0 mpa