Steel & Iron Material for the Human Technology



Dead Burnt Magnesite (DBM) is produced in a vertical shaft by sintering raw magnesite at a controlled high temperature. It is chemically inactive and extremely heat resistant.It is mainly used in the manufacture of basic refractories. The finished product is low in Silica and high in Iron which is suitable for hot fettling of Furnaces and ideal for manufacturing Monolithic which helps in quick sintering because of high Iron content. These basic refractories are used by the iron & steel industry in electric arc furnaces and different kind of kilns for lining purpose. 


DBM 9006-26

MgO  90% min

SiO2 6% min,

CaO 1.5% min

Fe2O3 0.5% max

Mg 99.9% min


Size 2~6mm


DBM 8806-26

MgO  88min

SiO2 6% min,

CaO 1.5% min

Fe2O3 1% max


Size 2~6mm, 90% pass