Steel & Iron Material for the Human Technology


Mg Metal

Magnesium is primarily used in production of Magnesium alloys, which are used in making die cast parts for the automotive industry. It is also used as a desulphurizing agent in the production of steel. Magnesium is also used as a minor alloying element in the production of aluminium alloys. China is the biggest producer of Magnesium ingots, where it is primarily produced by Electrolysis from dolomite.


Mg Ingot

Mg 99.9% min

Fe 0.04% max

Si 0.03% max

Ni 0.001% max

Cu 0.004% max

Al 0.02% max

Mn 0.03% max

Zn 0.01% max

Ca 0.005% max


Size 7.5kg +/- 0.5kg


Mg Alloy AM50A 

Al 4.5-5.3% max

Mn 0.28-0.50% max

Be 0.0005-0.0015% max

Zn 0.2% max

Si 0.05% max

Cu 0.008% max

Ni 0.001% max

Fe 0.004%max

Other each 0.01%max


Size 7kg +/- 0.5kg