Steel & Iron Material for the Human Technology



Standard Ferro phosphorus is a by-product of Yellow Phosphorous and High purity/Low Ti Ferro Phosphorous is by-product of fertilizer. Ferro Phosphorus is mainly used for special-type-iron as alloying agent and Deoxidizer in metallurgy industry. It is also used to manufacture the phosphate Production in chemical products, or used as additives during producing of Metallic paint. Steel-making and as phosphoric additive in casting process. 


Standard quality

P 23% Min, Si 2.0% Max , V 1.0%Max , Cu 1.0% Max , S 0.5% Max,

Balance  Fe


High purity

P 20% Min, Si 2.0% Max , V 0.24% Max , Cu 1.0% Max

Ti 0.15% Max , S 0.5% Max, Balance  Fe


Low Ti, High purity

P 20% Min,  Ti 0.15% Max  Balance Fe


Ultra Fe-P

P 22% Min, Ti 0.05% Max Balance Fe


Size 10~50mm, 90% min